University of Vermont, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative

Design of a replacement 180,000 SF multi-story STEM complex for the University of Vermont to be constructed in two phases - a new Lab Building (Phase 1) and a new Classroom/Administration Building (Phase 2). The Lab Building will house teaching and research lab needs for UVM's Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Engineering disciplines. Non-lab functions from the programs of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychology, Engineering, and general-purpose classrooms and two large lecture halls will be housed in the new Classroom/Administration Building. Both buildings will be connected by a shared lobby and conference spaces on each floor. This project also includes a 70,000 SF partial renovation of Votey Hall, UVM's current engineering building. Targeting LEED Gold.

Projects Highlights

University of Vermont
Burlington, VT, USA
250,000 ft²
Targeting LEED Gold
BR+A Principal