Tara Harold

Director of Human Resources

Human Resources

Years With BR+A
10 years

Tara joined BR+A in 2013 with a wide range of experience relating to the fields of accounting, insurance, and business management. Tara has held a variety of roles within BR+A including accounts payable and receivable prior to being promoted to Director of Human Resources. She oversees all aspects of human resources for the BR+A organization. During Tara’s tenure as HR director, she has spearheaded numerous projects designed to enhance the company’s ability to support both managers and employees in the areas of health insurance, employee benefits, immigration and, recently, COVID-19 compliance. Tara has become an integral component of BR+A’s leadership team, providing confidential, personal, and professional support to employees, enabling them to maintain their commitment to excellence. When not in the office, Tara enjoys cooking, bike riding and spending time with her young daughter.