Bristol Community College John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building

This new 50,000 SF lab building for Bristol Community College (BCC) brings together into one building all of the traditionally high-energy programs from across the BCC campus. The facility houses medical education, a dental clinic, materials labs, biology labs, and chemistry labs. Despite its demanding program, the John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building operates entirely on site-generated renewable energy. Sustainable strategies of the facility's design include: geothermal, filtered fume hoods, air quality monitoring, enthalpy wheels and natural ventilation in non-lab areas. The measured EUI is 45 kBtu/sf*yr. The Sbrega building uses on-site solar (funded via PPA) for all of its energy needs, making it the first verified Zero Net Energy lab building in a cold climate. To receive state approval for ZNE, the team had to prove this could be achieved at no additional construction cost, compared to the standard high-performance baseline design, via a detailed independent construction cost estimate. The building has also achieved LEED Platinum.

Projects Highlights


Bristol Community College




Fall River, MA, USA


50,600 ft²


LEED Platinum Certified, Zero Net Energy Certified


COTE Top Ten Award, American Institute of Architects, COTE Top Ten Awards | 2017
Go Beyond Project Award, International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, I2SL Annual Conference, Go Beyond Awards | 2016



BR+A Principal