What is Building Commissioning?

Building Commissioning is a quality assurance procedure, managed by the Commissioning Agent, and involves combined efforts of the Owner, Architect/Engineer, and the Construction Team. It is a planned integrated process for achieving, verifying, and documenting the performance of a building. Commissioning proactively seeks to uncover potential system pitfalls and performance problems prior to occupancy.

The process puts a building system through its paces, simulates conditions under which it will perform, documents its performance, and coordinates implementation of corrections when required. The logic behind the process is based on a sequence of testing which builds upward from a strong foundation.

The goal of this process is to ensure that the building provides a safe, comfortable, and reliable environment for the building occupants. Our number one goal is delivering a building to the client that the entire team, and especially the end-users, have complete confidence in. In a mission-critical building, this confidence is paramount to execute a project with proficiency.


BR+A’s approach to commissioning is highly collaborative. We utilize the talents of the owner, construction manager, and design team to customize systems testing to best suit the field conditions. We welcome participation from the individuals who will ultimately operate the final product. This method allows us to educate the owner about the systems being tested, answer their questions as to the systems' performance, and to build their confidence in the final product and its operation.

BR+A’s goal in providing commissioning services is to assure the project is complete, performs as intended, and is understood by the personnel responsible for its operation.


We offer integrated commissioning services to ensure construction managers, vendors, and specialty contractors adapt a whole-building approach to the systems and features of a project. From commissioning plan development and ongoing quality control to final performance testing and review of the facilities operations through the first year, BR+A’s integrated approach to performance testing includes:

     -  Design assistance
     -  Development of testing methods
     -  Development of a commissioning schedule
     -  Development of a commissioning logic
     -  Active participation in field testing
     -  System performance evaluation
     -  Recommendations for system enhancement
     -  Asset management
     -  Peer design review
     -  An integrated systems approach to testing