40+ years. 500+ employees.
Thousands of successful projects.

BR+A was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1975 by Gene Bard, Arjun Rao, and Ted Athanas. With just 11 MEP design engineers and a few rooms packed with drafting tables, they built a firm that would become respected for solid engineering and even stronger relationships.

Over the past four decades, we’ve been through a few transitions. While many things have changed, a lot is still the same. Today, we operate ten offices nationwide and employ hundreds of dedicated team members, but we are still proud to be an employee-owned firm. And although we’ve traded our drafting tables for BIM, AutoCAD and Revit, we continue to make MEP excellence the core of our practice—while helping our clients explore innovative design solutions.

After all the late nights, working weekends, and wonderful awards and accolades, one thing continues to be true. We never forget that what we’re really here to build is great relationships with our clients. And that’s something you simply can’t engineer.

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