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This new 500,000 GSF laboratory building will support biology and chemistry research space.  The building is designed to essentially eliminate fossil fuel consumption for all end uses except /humidification and achieve an EUI below 130 kBtu/sf*yr, which is a 60% reduction compared to the regional average for this type of high-intensity lab building. The ground-source system utilizes 600 foot deep quad-loop boreholes, heat pump chillers for heating and cooling, plus premium-efficiency water-cooled chillers and cooling towers for peak cooling. Triple-glazed windows minimize loads and eliminate the need for perimeter heat. An enhanced Konvekta system with wrap-around reheat coil in the supply dramatically reduces the cooling and heating loads. Heat pump chillers boost the exhaust heat recovery, resulting in no net heating load when outdoor air temperatue is above 15F.  Fan coil units in all zones ensure that the DOAS  operates only to meet make up and air change requirements. A 0.5 MW roof-mounted solar PV array, supplemented by renewable energy from off-site sources will achieve Class D NZE.

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500,000 GSF

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