Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy

50,000 SF research and laboratory space designed to test sustainable building products and systems. The building design includes environmental chambers for life cycle testing of sustainable products, HVAC system designed to test efficiency of chilled beam and fan-coil systems, enthalpy wheel for recovery of energy from lab exhaust and high efficiency condensing hot water boilers. The building also features exterior mounts for testing of solar shading devices, demand based variable volume ventilation and outside air measurement / monitoring systems, high efficiency cooling tower with waterside economizer via plate and frame heat exchanger, electrical and gas energy metering system and low velocity / low pressure ductwork and piping systems. Additionally, the building is equipped with a Direct Digital Control Management System with demand management and Energy Dashboard. LEED Gold Certified. 2016 BSA Design Awards, Sustainable Design Award Winner.

Projects Highlights

Fraunhofer USA
DiMella Shafffer
Boston, MA, USA
50,000 ft²
LEED Gold Certified

Sustainable Design Award, Boston Society of Architects, BSA Design Awards 2016

BR+A Principal